Stanley Diamond - Bild Nr. 1
Stanley Diamond - Bild Nr. 2
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Stanley Diamond

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Category: Interior architecture
Location: Frankfurt am Main
Year: 2015
Size: 315 m²
Other: Concept, design, realization. In cooperation with Hollin+Radoske.
Photos: Steve Herud

Central element of the Stanley Diamond is its oblong lounge running parallel to Ottostrasse, its sliding window facade can be fully opened to the sidewalk during summer. A natural stone wall of green Indian marble bestrides the space; equal in length it separates the front room from the sanitary facilities. The bar, also fashioned from natural stone, is complemented by chrome-steel and wood – Chilean apple tree. The restaurant’s core and basic prerequisite for culinary culture at the highest level, how could it be any different, is the exclusively manufactured kitchen: located behind the bar and shielded by red semi-transparent glass.
The rose-tinted concrete floor pervades the whole ground area of the restaurant, its pastel like coloration contrasts the ceiling made of yellow galvanized air ducts. Equally yellow zinc-plated, micro-perforated and sound-absorbing acoustic paneling fills the gaps and turns the entire ceiling into one element. Alongside the kitchen this golden looking, iridescent ceiling is the essential design element of the Stanley Diamond since it comprises ventilation and lighting as well as being decisive for the room acoustics.