Louis Pretty Diner - Bild Nr. 1
Louis Pretty Diner - Bild Nr. 2
Louis Pretty Diner - Bild Nr. 3
Louis Pretty Diner - Bild Nr. 4
Louis Pretty Diner - Bild Nr. 5

Louis Pretty Diner

1 - 5
Category: Interior architecture
Location: Berlin
Year: 2016
Size: 50 m²
Other: Concept, design, realization. In cooperation with PMO and Oskar Melzer.
Photos: Steve Herud

Concept and realization of the individual interior design of a restaurant’s third outpost. This one of a kind interior is formally and aesthetically resuming the pre-existing locations and takes up their characteristics of minimalism and harmony of form and color to develop it further. Thematically based on US West Coast culture the interior is inspired by David Hockney’s painting “A Bigger Splash”. The table top design simulates the water surface of a swimming pool which helps to visually expand the lowered dining area. Running along the wall deep-seated benches are covered in coral-red terry cloth, by Raf Simons, and complemented by wood layered exclusive e15 chairs. This strong color combination creates a high contrast between decorative and functional elements, while the large window front, towards the staircase and the street, reinforces the feeling of a Hollywood movie set.