Kluge Gefühle - Bild Nr. 1
Kluge Gefühle - Bild Nr. 2

Kluge Gefühle

1 - 2
Category: Scenography
Location: Berlin
Year: 2018
Size: 270 m²
Other: Concept, design, realization

Design and development of the set design for the theatre play “Kluge Gefühle” by Maryam Zaree, a tragic comedy. The play also marks the directorial debut of Berlin-based director and actor Niels Bormann. Based on the production concept, the reduced stage design employs the architectural cornerstones of the ancient tribunal. The audience, arranged in a circle and seated on meditation chairs at ground level, becomes a physical extension of the stage. The axis of the direction of the play is rotated, half the grandstand is barred, and the existing symmetry of the theatre space is disbanded.